Repeat exercises.


Answer these questions or complete these sentences about the video:

1.- Do you like this song?

Yes I like

2.- Write the names of the animals in the song.

Elephant, monkey, fish, dog, cat, rooster, bear, froac, mouse, donkei.

3.- The man says he likes cats because …………..

Ecause cat says: cock-a-doodel-doo.

4.- Really, what animals do this?

The rooster say: cock-a-doodel-doo.

5.- What animal do you like?

I like the donkei.



Click here and play the Animal Hospital game! :)


Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital


Complete the sentences:

1. Hissy is a snake. He can’t  taste his food. I put a plaster on his tongue .

2. Snappy is a  crocodrile . He can’t walk . I put a plaster on his foot.

3. Nibbler is a rabbit . He can’t smell his food. I put a plaster on his nous .

4. Snowy is an  owl . He can’t fly . I put a plaster on his wings .

5. Squicker is mouse . She can’t hear . I put a plaster  on her ears .



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